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Early colour PC Brood Mare Round Up, Calgary N.W.T.unused

A early Canadian Souvenir Post Card colour postcard showing Brood Mare Round Up, Calgary, N.W.T., unused, vertical crease, some edge wear. Canadian buyers - I pay the GS...

CAD 2.99
fatdane (281 )


Early colour PC Lake Minnewanka near Banff unused

A early colour postcard showing Lake Minnewanka near Banff, Alberta, unused printed in Saxony, bit of corner and edge wear.Canadian buyers - I pay the GST/HST for you.

CAD 1.99
fatdane (281 )


Black & White PC Lake Saskatoon near Grande Prairie, Alberta, unused

A Black & Whiter postcard showing Lake Saskatoon near Grande Prairie, Alberta, unused.C6-123f.jpg

CAD 3.99
fatdane (281 )